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Art Deco Iron Door Square Top-T1CAD-001


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  • Hand-forged Mediterranean iron entry door with a 3/4″ double insulated tempered IG
  • Showcase with 4-inch profile styles with a wrought iron grill design and Mediterranean design
  • Fully insulated door jamb and door.
  • Door jambs are available in 4″, 6″, and 8″ depth
Opening Size 6’3″ – 7’0″ 6’3″ – 8’0″ 6’3″ – 9’0″ Custom
Design T1CAD001-6-7 T1CAD001-6-8 T1CAD001-6-9
Finish Black T1CAD001-6-7BF T1CAD001-6-8BF T1CAD001-6-9BF
Chocolate T1CAD001-6-7CF T1CAD001-6-8CF T1CAD001-6-9CF
Copper Patina Wet T1CAD001-6-7CP T1CAD001-6-8CP T1CAD001-6-9CP
Finish Dark Copper T1CAD001-6-7DC T1CAD001-6-8DC T1CAD001-6-9DC
Finish Gold Shadow T1CAD001-6-7GS T1CAD001-6-8GS T1CAD001-6-9GS
Finish Pewter T1CAD001-6-7PF T1CAD001-6-8PF T1CAD001-6-9PF


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