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Gothic Arch Entry Door T1GA-002


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Gothic Arch Entry Metal Door

Quatrefoil design with a closed panel

  • Hand-forged Gothic arch entry door with a 6″-stile, 2″ door thickness.
  • Solid panel with design on both sides
  • Showcase with 6-inch profile with a 3/4 solid flat bar lased design
  • Insulation. The door and jamb are fully insulated.
  • The door is available for a wider opening

Gothic Arch Entry Door

Gothic arch close panel door.
A Gothic arch entry door with a closed panel is a style of door characterized by its architectural design and construction features. The Gothic arch, also known as a pointed or ogival arch, is a distinctive architectural element with a pointed top, reminiscent of the Gothic architectural style prevalent in medieval Europe.
A Gothic arch entry door with a closed panel combines the aesthetic appeal of the Gothic architectural style with a solid and closed construction, providing a sense of security and a distinctive visual impact to the entrance of a building.
The quatrefoil pattern adds an intricate and visually appealing aspect to the door, contributing to the overall Gothic aesthetic. The design is symbolic and has historical significance, representing symmetry and balance, and it is often associated with religious and architectural motifs from the medieval period.

Opening Size 3’3″ – 7’0″ 3’3″ – 8’0″ 3’3″ – 9’0″ 3’3″ – 10’0″
Design Number T1GA002-3-7 T1GA002-3-8 T1GA002-3-9 T1GA002-3-10
Black Finish T1GA002-3-7BF T1GA002-3-8BF T1GA002-3-9BF T1GA002-3-10BF
Chocolate Finish T1GA002-3-7CF T1GA002-3-8CF T1GA002-3-9CF T1GA002-3-10CF
Copper Patina Wet T1GA002-3-7CP T1GA002-3-8CP T1GA002-3-9CP T1GA002-3-10CP
Dark Copper Finish T1GA002-3-7DC T1GA002-3-8DC T1GA002-3-9DC T1GA002-3-10DC
Gold Shadow Finish T1GA002-3-7GS T1GA002-3-8GS T1GA002-3-9GS T1GA002-3-10GS
Pewter Finish T1GA002-3-7PF T1GA002-3-8PF T1GA002-3-9PF T1GA002-3-10PF



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